Hire a Nanny: 4 Defining Qualities of a Stay In Nanny in Singapore 


Becoming a mother is a life-altering experience, and giving birth for the first time can profoundly affect a woman. When it’s your first time, you may find it more challenging to adapt to the changes and feel helpless, as you likely do not know how to manage your new role and responsibilities. It is when you may want to hire a confinement nanny in Singapore. Here are the characteristics of a competent confinement nanny.

1. Organised

A confinement nanny has numerous daily responsibilities, including caring for the child and assisting the mother in completing all necessary tasks. Therefore, having a nanny who has a structured plan for the most efficient way to finish the day with less stress is highly productive. She steps up as if the child is sleeping; she can take on a few of the tasks you have assigned her.

2. Observant and Patient

Nanny services in Singapore should dedicate themselves to assisting new mothers through their confinement period without stress. It is vital to demonstrate patience and sensitivity to the needs of both the newborn and the new mother. When interviewing candidates, inquire about their patience at work and how they respond to situations. And explain in detail the responsibilities and observe her reaction. Is she meticulous and patient? Do you believe you will be able to develop a rapport with them? It is crucial because you will spend the majority of your confinement period with the confinement nanny and entrust her with your child.

3. Knowledgeable and Experienced

In this field, experience is crucial because it can be of great assistance to you. She does not only care for you and the infant—but also does other housework. A stay in nanny in Singapore can also provide you with helpful advice on handling your husband’s and the new family member’s time so that no one gets ignored.

Make contact with family and friends. At least some mothers will have employed the services of a childbirth babysitter. You can request a referral to a nanny who is familiar with the responsibilities and confinement practises and has benefited from them.4. Good Communicator

A healthy relationship between a mother and her confinement nanny rests on good communication. So before you hire a nanny in Singapore, evaluate the nanny’s communication skills during interviews. Do they speak with clarity and assurance? Do they care enough to ask for clarification if they initially misunderstand your question? All of these indicate a confident and communicative nanny.

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