All About Hearing Health: Top 7 Vexing Problems Of First-Time Hearing Aid Users 

Whether you got required to use one after your online hearing test or an audiologist recommended you to utilise one, wearing hearing aids, especially for the first time, may seem like an easy tedious task. However, challenges will emerge once you arrive home or put off your hearing devices. The discouragement will come to you, questioning why you got them in the first place.

Listed below are some of the most frustrating problems every patient has experienced with the devices.

‘I do not think I will ever get used to the sounds.’

Wearing hearing aids for the first time can seem distracting, especially when the abrupt amplification of background noise and higher frequencies blast your ears. You can help yourself get used to it with the help of an audiologist in Singapore and aural rehabilitation.

‘Ugh! It makes me look old!’

Most patients worry about the stigma of wearing hearing aids. If you want a subtle way to wear them, consider looking for a small, sleek, and the best hearing aid in Singapore.

‘Sometimes, I hear a high-pitched noise.’

Whenever you hear whistling noises, those are actually feedback. This problem occurs due to two reasons—earwax buildup or improper fitting. Consider consulting an audiologist in Singapore to get modified hearing aids with proper ear canal fit.

‘It feels uncomfortable wearing them.’

Feeling uncomfortable can make you question how do hearing aids really work. If you feel discomfort while wearing them, it can also be because of unsuitable fitting and improper adjustments. Consider consulting your audiologist about this.

‘It is weird but I get random headaches when using them.’

Even with the best hearing aid in Singapore, you can still suffer from intense headaches. It is normal. However, if they persist or cause you incessant irritation, talk to your ear doctor about it. They may adjust your device settings.

‘I’m afraid I cannot use it when swimming.’

If you need fully waterproof hearing aids, the best thing you should do is consult your audiologist in Singapore about your needs. Doing so can ensure you never miss out on fun summer activities!

‘Sometimes, the sounds coming from them aren’t clear.’

Earwax buildup can be the reason for muffling sounds. To eliminate these fuzzy noises, you may use glycerin, baby oil, and hydrogen peroxide or have your audiologist in Singapore check and do it.

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