How to Know That You’ll Need Bunion Surgery in Singapore

Bunions are one of the most common foot conditions that people can have. If you’re not yet familiar with what a bunion is, they’re growths that form at the base of your big toe and slowly swell, pushing the tip of your toe inwards. This bump can become red and enlarged over time.

Usually, an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore will suggest nonsurgical methods, such as wearing corrective footwear and protective pads or recommend lifestyle changes in order to slow the development of bunions. Unfortunately, there is no cure for bunions, and they will get bigger over time.

How to know that you’ll need bunion surgery

Under certain circumstances, though, your doctor may recommend bunion surgery in Singapore even if surgery is generally not recommended. Why is that? If your bunions become unmanageable, a bunionectomy might be your only option.

Here are a few signs that tell your doctor that you might need a Singapore orthopaedic surgery to help relieve you from your bunions.

1. You experience immense pain.

Most bunions are just a blemish on your appearance or a mild inconvenience. If you’re experiencing severe foot pains because of your bunions, it’s time to consider surgery.

2. Your feet are becoming deformed.

Toe or foot deformity is a big reason to get bunion surgery. Since they affect your foot bones, it’s important to get them treated quickly.

3. You experience reduced mobility.

Bunions are already a mild inconvenience, but if they’re starting to affect the way you move and walk, it’s a sign that it’s getting serious. Bunions can reduce flexibility in your toes, which can be a problem.

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