Get These 5 Women Health Screening Tests If You Have PCOS!

Every woman, as soon as they first get their period, should at least go through a complete female health screening package in Singapore. One of the reasons to consider women health screeningis your reproductive health. Commonly known as PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common hormonal disorders that affects many women, with an estimated one in every five women.

In Singapore, a pre employment medical check up is the common reason they go to the hospital and have themselves checked. But aside from that mandatory, you should also consider health assessments if you think you might have PCOS. See a doctor and take the following tests:


This health screening works for men and women to help assess your risks of developing cardiovascular or heart diseases. It also helps with determining your chances of hypertension or hypotension. As early as 20, you should regularly get this test, especially when you have risk factors such as heart or kidney disease, diabetes, and other medical problems. And if you have none, age 45 is a good start.


Assessing your risks of developing diabetes is also critical if you have PCOS. If you have ovarian syndrome, you need to get the women health screeningfor glucose metabolism at least every one to three years. If type 2 diabetes runs in your family, do the test more often. Begin getting tested at age 35 and repeat it as frequently as possible, especially when you have risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, family history, or a history of heart disease.


When testing for PCOS, you should also consider a female health screening package in Singapore that includes a blood pressure check. If you have PCOS, get the first three tests, as there are links between the syndrome, obesity, and insulin resistance. Generally, people aged 18 and above, with or without heart disease risk factors or optimal blood pressure, should get tested at least once every five years. If you have PCOS, every one to three years is a must.


Although this one may not be necessary with a work permit medical check up, getting a hormonal blood test is crucial for women with PCOS. This women health screeningtest can help check your androgen levels. Hormonal blood tests can help diagnose and determine whether you have hyperandrogenism (high androgen levels). Moreover, it can also help assess the levels of reproductive hormones you have in your body.


Another test to look for in a female health screening package in Singapore if you have ovarian syndrome is an ultrasound. This women health screeningtest aims to deliver a clear image of your ovaries, pelvis, and uterus. It can be through transvaginal ultrasound, which may only be necessary for sexually active women, or abdominal ultrasound, where the ovaries get viewed from the stomach wall.

If you’re one of the many women with PCOS and are looking for a female health screening package in Singapore, you may contact the team of Sunway Medical Centre today.