First Aid for Electrical Injuries and Burns

In a Erste-Hilfe Kurs München you can find a lot of helpful information about electrical injuries.

Signs of electrical injuries:

  • disruption of the central nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory systems,
  • skin burns

First aid: erste hilfe kurs ottobrunn said, that it is important to quickly free the injured person from the action of the electric current, using improvised means (dry stick, rope, plank, etc.), cutting the wire approaching him with a shovel or axe, by disconnecting the network, etc. For self-defense purposes, the aid worker should wrap his hands in rubberized cloth, dry cloth, put on rubber gloves, stand on a dry board, wooden shield, etc. The affected person should be taken by those parts of the clothing that is not directly attached to the body. Perform artificial respiration, give indirect heart massage, apply aseptic dressings to the burn area.

First Aid for Burns

According to the erste hilfe kurs münchen kostenlos, burns are divided into four stages according to the depth of the injury:

  1. Grade I: hyperemia and swelling of the skin, accompanied by burning pain;
  2. Grade II: formation of blisters filled with clear yellowish fluid (don’t puncture the blisters!);
  3. III a grade: necrosis spreads to the epidermis (the upper skin layer turns black and dies off);
  4. III b grade: necrosis of all skin layers (the entire skin turns black, up to the muscles – they will be on the outside, plastic surgery will be required);
  5. IV grade: necrosis not only of the skin but also of the underlying tissues (“charring”, turning into ashes – tissue repair is impossible).

First aid: throw off the burning clothes, pour water on them, cover them with snow, or cover the burning part of the clothes with a blanket or outerwear. Remove (cut off) clothing from the affected areas of the body (it may be hot, especially of synthetic fabrics, may smolder on the body, exacerbating the burn and bringing pain and suffering). Apply aseptic dressings to burned surfaces (with a bandage, individual dressing bag, clean towel, sheet, handkerchief, etc.). Do not use burning alcohol antiseptic solutions! Just water is better than alcohol. Aqueous solutions of chlorhexidine or a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. Refer the victim to a medical facility immediately.