Why must mental health and well-being be our priority this year?

I’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects that neglecting mental health can have on our overall well-being in the capacity of a life coach in Melbourne. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even harder for people to cope with emotional and financial difficulties, leading to more stress, isolation, and financial insecurity. It is essential to focus on mental health and well-being during these challenging times. A mental wellness coach can help you gain clarity and perspective to improve your overall well-being in the coming year

In this blog, let’s look at why you must priortise mental health this year and how.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and well-being.

If nothing, COVID-19 has amplified the mental health challenges underlying the modern world. It has presented a new set of living and working conditions that have had varied degrees of impact on different people. To illustrate, factors such as living in fear of sickness, loss, uncertainty, and constant news updates have collectively contributed to increased stress and anxiety.

Another concern to have emerged during the pandemic is the alarming rise of Isolation and loneliness. Many of us have been separated from our loved ones and support systems due to lockdowns and social distancing measures in place. The lack of social interaction and human connection has pushed us further into feelings of alienation.

With the onset of the New Year, communities must engage in open conversations about mental well-being, and everyone gets the support they need to overcome any mental health issues they might be facing.

The importance of prioritising mental health and well-being.

A. Connection to overall physical health

Mental health and physical health are closely connected and contribute to one’s overall well-being. Having a positive mindset can help you take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Simple actions such as developing a relaxing bedtime routine or going for a walk with your dog can improve your sleep and reduce stress. By prioritising self-care, you can improve your overall health, avoid addiction, boost your immunity, and lead a more fulfilling life.

B. Impact on productivity and success

In the quest to maximise productivity and success, most of us underplay the importance of mental hygiene. Sometimes, prioritising your mental health may mean taking frequent breaks and doing regular check-ins with how it feels. It may also imply that you reassess your goals and definition of success. Productivity is sometimes a factor of proclivity. So having your values define your goals is a wise way of setting yourself up for success.

C. Positive ripple effect on relationships and communities

When you start the day feeling upset from a previous night’s argument, it can affect all of your interactions for the rest of the day. People do not exist in isolation, and many mental health problems arise in social situations. It can be easy to overlook these issues and pretend they don’t exist. In my experience as a mental health coach in Melbourne, I’ve seen many families and communities opening up to mental health coaching near them owing to the positive change they’ve seen in someone they know. You can be the change and inspire others to talk openly about mental health issues, thereby building trust in your relationships and community.

How to prioritise mental health and well-being?

A. Self-care practices

A great way of nurturing your mental health is the introduction of some basic self-care practices. The ones I’d recommend are

: Taking up a light exercise like yoga or jogging.

: Mindful deep breathing for 10 minutes every day.

: Keeping a journal to give a physical outlet to your thoughts and inner state.

: Meeting a friend once a week for social stimulus.

As the day goes by, these self-care habits help you collect yourself. Over time, they shape your mindset and way of dealing with the stress of everyday life and become your tools against depression and anxiety.

B. Professional help and support

Different days can bring different emotions, and sometimes people can dwell on negative experiences and be hard on themselves. It can feel like you have lost a sense of direction and can’t return to your former motivated and positive self. In those moments, seeking help and support from a professional, such as a mental health coach, can be beneficial for your mental well-being. A mental health coach can assist you in breaking out of negative patterns and overcoming obstacles, helping you to grow and develop both personally and professionally in the coming year.

C. Advocacy and destigmatisation

As a member of civil society, you can prioritise mental health and well-being by destigmatising it in your social circles. Refusing to participate in jokes on mental issues, calling out an archaic narrative, especially when it comes from a parent, or simply listening when someone is sharing a personal challenge can be small but significant ways in which you can prioritise mental health and wellness this year.


As a mental wellness coach in Melbourne, let me tell you that it is crucial to understand that mental health problems do not discriminate and can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. Though it can be challenging to seek help, it is essential to remember that it is a sign of strength, not weakness. Don’t let another year pass without prioritising your mental well-being.

I invite you to take the first step towards improving your mental health and well-being. Work with me one-on-one and receive the support you need to navigate the challenges of mental health.

Investing in yourself and your well-being is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

Together, we will build the strategies and habits to help you keep a happy balance in the various aspects of your life. Book your free session today!