Why do you need a skin pigmentation treatment?

Skin pigmentation occurs when the pigment-generating cells or melanocytes are triggered to dispose or generate melanin in excess quantities. While melanin is effective in protecting the skin from UV radiation, melanocytes can determine your skin color. The release of melanin is correlated to UV radiation or sun exposure. Apart from skin exposure to UV radiation and sun, skin trauma, congenital issues, hormonal imbalance, abnormal levels of skin pigmentation can give rise to aging. The pigmentation treatment Sydney will deploy light-based and efficient treatment. It’ll target melanin to remove defective pigmented lesions.

What are the causes of skin pigmentation?

The major causes behind skin pigmentation are exposure to the sun, genetic disorders, and skin aging. After 30, these factors can disrupt the distribution and production of melanin within a body. The skin’s coloring factors can be affected due to a pigment named melanin.

While accumulating on the epidermis’s surface, melanin’s distribution is uneven on the skin’s surface. Thus, this can pave the way for the appearance of dark spots as skin pigmentation is uneven. It can arise due to several issues:

  • Lentigo or age spots mainly occur due to the skin’s intrinsic aging. It also results due to solar lentigo if your skin is exposed to considerable and regular sunrays.
  • Liver spots are known as ephelides. For example, it occurs after an acne spot and is known as post-inflammatory pigmentation. The mark occurs due to excessive quantities of melanin disposed of by inflammation.

The advanced radiofrequency is an advanced micro-needling system. It uses gold-tipped and precise needles along with advanced software and motor algorithm. This Vivace mechanism can enhance your skin naturally. Besides, it is an alternative for a non-surgical facelift as it’s a skin-friendly method of reducing patient unease. Vivace is pain-free, efficient, and a fast mechanism ideal for women willing to restore their beauty and youth while avoiding surgery. In the context of micro-needling, this technology is integrated with radiofrequency for skin resurfacing, skin tightening, and contouring the neck, body, and face.

What are the advantages of Vivace treatment?

It is the best laser resurfacing treatment as it can reduce the appearance of acne scars along with wrinkles or fine lines. The micro-needling mechanism will help your skin to heal while reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars, or wrinkles. Consequently, you will get young-looking and smooth skin. It can tighten your skin by reducing the growth of collagen. Vivace’s micro-needling mechanism can reduce the appearance of jowls, loose skin, and wrinkles. The skin tightening treatment can open and tighten your invisible pores. It can make the process of hydrating, moisturizing, and cleaning your face extremely easy. While imparting a healthy and natural glow to your skin, it can reduce the size of pores. Besides, it can enhance skin texture and skin tone while reducing stretch marks. With minimal downtime, the process is completely pain-free. The entire laser treatment takes an hour or so. The recovery process is natural, so you won’t be required to devote specific time for the recovery process to start working. You can switch back to your day-to-day activities and normal routine right away.