What Happens in Different Phases of Clinical Trials

No modern medicine can be made publicly available without going through clinical trials. Clinical trials are very important for the betterment of humanity as they give us the latest medicines and treatment options. The clinical trials are long and conducted in multiple phases. But what happens in these phases? You will know exactly the same in this blog post. 

Phases in Clinical Trials

#1 – First Phase

The first phase marks the beginning of the testing of new treatments and medicines. This phase consists of a minimum of participants and the main aim is to identify the safety of the medicine. The researchers administer a small dosage of the medicine or the treatment to the participants and identify if it’s causing any kind of side effect. If none is observed after all the tests, then they move to the next phase. 

#2 – Second Phase

After the completion of the first phase, the researchers now try to identify the effectiveness of the medicine. The participants in this phase are increased and the specific participants are chosen. In this phase, the participants with the specific medical condition are admitted. The researchers administer the lowest dosage of the medicine to the participants to identify the right dosage and efficacy. If the medicine is not effective, then they administer higher dosage till finding the right dosage and observe the efficacy of the same. Once completed, the trial moves to the third phase. 

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#3 – Third Phase

The third phase is the final phase in the actual trials. In this phase, a diverse group of participants from multiple regions and various comorbidities. The third phase is meant to identify the efficacy of the medicines on a large group of people with a variety of genetics, locations, and many other things. This phase focuses on data collection, as it’s necessary for regulatory approval. 

#4 – Regulatory Approval 

After completing the first three phases, then the researchers prepare for the Regulatory Approval. With all of the data collected in the trials and the preliminary conclusions, the researchers submit the application for regulatory approval. Once the regulatory authorities do the analysis and if satisfied, provide the approval. 

Final Words 

People are now getting to know more about the clinical trials since COVID-19. In this post, we tried our best to share everything about the Clinical trials and what happens in each phase of the trials. You should read more and stay updated with clinical trial news on Clinical Trial Vanguard