What Does Royal Jelly Do To Your Body?

Honey bees are nature’s buzzing creatures that keep the natural life cycle intact by pollinating food crops eaten by other living beings. These tiny flying creatures produce numerous products that are widely beneficial to human health. There’s honey, which is loaded with antioxidants; pollen particles rich in anti-inflammatory properties; and the caviar of honey bee products, royal jelly.

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a unique, thick, smooth substance produced by the worker bees and fed to the queen honey bee. It’s the sole source of the queen honey bee’s nutrition and helps her build vitality. The worker bees blend honey and pollen with enzymes in their throat glands to produce immensely beneficial royal jelly.

It ordinarily contains around 60% to 70% water, 10% to 16% sugar, 12% to 15% proteins, 3% to 6% fats, and 2% to 3% vitamins, salts, and amino acids. Its synthesis fluctuates depending upon geology and the environment. Some of the essential vitamins present in royal jelly are –

  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • Thiamine (B1)
  • Folic acid (B9)
  • Pyridoxine (B6)
  • Inositol (B8)
  • Niacin (B3)
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)
  • Biotin (B7)

This bee product gets its name from how honey bees use it to support queen honey bees. Many people use royal jelly as medication, but always remember that it is solely different from beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, and bee venom.

Beneficial Impacts of Royal Jelly on Human Body

Royal jelly is one of those honey bee products that can treat various human diseases. Below is the quick representation of biological properties of royal jelly –

  • May Positively Impact Cholesterol Levels & Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases –

Several human studies have confirmed that royal jelly positively impacts cholesterol levels and thereby reduces heart disease risk. In addition, regular consumption of it assists in reducing harmful cholesterol levels, thereby improving heart health.

  • Provides Relief from Menopausal Symptoms –

A group of researchers conducted a study on 120 women by giving them a combination of four natural ingredients, including royal jelly either in the form of a capsule or a placebo twice a day over four weeks. Later, the study found that women who consumed the combination in capsule form had significantly better results than those in the placebo group.

Another study found that consuming royal jelly daily for about three months helps greatly in posing beneficial impacts on cholesterol levels in postmenopausal women.

  • May Reduce Severity of Premenstrual Syndrome 

As royal jelly has proved beneficial in easing menopausal symptoms, it may also be advantageous for people with premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, a study was done on 110 participants to find out the same. They were given either a royal jelly capsule or a placebo every day for about two menstrual cycles. It was found in the study that participants who consumed royal jelly capsules had experienced less severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

  • May Boost Immune Health –

Royal jelly might improve the body’s natural immune response to unfamiliar microscopic organisms and infections. In addition, MRJPs and unsaturated fats available in royal jelly are known to advance antibacterial action, which can help in boosting the immune strength and reduce the risk of infection & other diseases.

However, minimal data is available today based on animal studies, and more human studies are required to confirm the same effects.

  • Could Speed Up the Process of Wound Healing –

As demonstrated by some examinations, royal jelly could reduce the time of wound mending. The results of a lab study in the diary Nutrition Research and Practice showed that royal jelly could essentially boost the movement of fibroblasts to an injury. Fibroblasts are those cell types that coordinate and speed up the process of wound healing.

  • May Reduce Oxidative Stress & Inflammation –

As beneficial properties of royal jelly help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, it is greatly helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. In addition, various animal studies showed a clear defensive impact on the liver, pancreatic, and reproductive tissue and increased insulin sensitivity in diabetic rats treated with royal jelly.

Another six-month-long study on humans demonstrated a 20% decrease in fasting glucose in healthy people who were fed royal jelly daily.

  • May Support in Healthy Brain Functioning –

A study on stress-induced mice has demonstrated that regular consumption of royal jelly may boost brain functioning. Another study showed that rats fed with royal jelly were more able to remove certain chemical deposits in the brain. In addition, the rich antioxidant agents present in royal jelly positively affect the brain & nervous tissue. However, a more solid study is required to prove the benefits of human brains.

Royal jelly is usually available in different forms in the market. It is good to consume orally or apply topically on the skin. As there is no set dosage limit, it is always recommended to start consuming it in low quantities and stop the usage if any allergic symptoms are experienced. Use only 100% pure and best quality royal jelly in moderate quantities to gain physical & mental health benefits.