What are the Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save natural teeth. This process starts by removing any inflammation or infection that may be present in a person’s inflamed pulp.

The inside of their infected tooth will then need to be thoroughly cleaned with special tools before it can finally have its filling restored for protection against future bacterial re-infections.

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that millions of people have done every single year. If you need one, your dentist or endodontist will be able to do it without worry because they know how effective and safe the treatment is.

Your tooth is made up of two layers that are divided by a layer called dentin. The outermost white surface, which you can’t see without tools like an x-ray or microscope, is known as enamel.

It’s hard but porous and helps prevent bacteria from getting inside your teeth where they could cause serious bacterial infections in your gums and other tissues near to them. If left untreated these infections may lead to serious health complications such as heart disease.

Behind this protective barrier there’s also a harder tissue called dentin surrounded with nerve cells. This provides additional protection for the sensitive gum line because the nerves help detect when something starts to irritate their environment. This way, it becomes apparent what needs attention before too much damage has been done.

Root canals used to be a painful and tricky procedure, but now they have become similar to routine fillings. You’ll likely need just one or two appointments for treatment depending on your personal circumstances and the condition of your tooth.

Saving the natural tooth with root canal treatment has many advantages. The teeth will be able to work as they should, feel how they’re supposed to and look like what’s naturally in your mouth.

How to Know If You Need Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are a necessary procedure for people who have cracked teeth from injury or genetics, deep cavities, and issues with previous fillings. A person generally needs to undergo a root canal when they notice that their tooth is sensitive, particularly in regards to hot and cold sensations.

Other symptoms that indicate you need root canal treatment:

  • Severe pain when biting or chewing
  • Pimples on the gums
  • A cracked or chipped tooth
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Darkening of the gums
  • Deep decay

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is often necessary due to infection or trauma and requires a more complex process than simple fillings. The cost depends on how complicated the work is and which tooth needs treatment. Molars need special attention because they’re difficult to treat from within someone’s mouth.

Most dental insurance policies will cover some portion of a root canal procedure. It’s important that you contact your provider for details about coverage before scheduling any procedures with your dentist so you don’t get stuck paying out-of-pocket expenses (which can be costly).

Root canal treatment and restoration is less expensive than extracting teeth. Extracting a tooth requires the use of an implant or bridge to replace it, which can be more costly depending on what needs replacing.

Root canal treatment can restore your natural smile, allows you to continue to eat the foods you love and limits the need for ongoing dental work. With proper care most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime.