Understanding Sports Physiotherapy in Singapore for Parents

As parents, we always want to give our full support to our children. It includes supporting them in realising their dreams and ambitions in life. When your child shows an early interest in sports, things can be both exciting and worrisome to most parents. Injuries have always been part of the game, after all. While it is delightful to see your child playing his best, watching him suffer from an injury can be heartbreaking. For this reason, parents must learn the importance of sports physiotherapy in Singapore.

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy refers to a medical practice being offered by a qualified osteopath in Singapore. It specifically deals with treatments and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries often associated with sports. Sports enthusiasts of various ages often visit a sports physiotherapist for pre-game physical examinations and post-game treatment of different sports injuries.

Why Do Parents Need to Find a Reliable Sports Physiotherapist?

When your child decides to take a path towards being an athlete, you must be prepared for the consequences. Yes, sports are indeed a great recreational and social activity. However, playing sports, especially physically demanding ones, may result in accidents.

You would want to know a reliable sports physiotherapist in Singapore in case your child will need to consult one. Apart from treatment, the physiotherapist may also oversee your child’s warm-up and fitness routine to avoid strains due to overworking.

What Sports Require Physiotherapy?

Many sports require physiotherapy at some point. Most physically demanding sports will require the supervision of an osteopath or physiotherapist. If your child is interested in any of the sports listed below, you may want to find a sports physiotherapist for him the earliest:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer/Football
  • Tennis
  • Marathon
  • Swimming
  • Hockey
  • Weight Lifting

Apart from these sports, physical activities that involve strenuous tasks such as running, jumping, lifting weights, swinging the arms or wrists, and change stepping must also be performed under the guidance of an osteopath. You can find out more about the differences between chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapist in this article.

What to Consider When Looking for a Sports Physiotherapist?

When looking for a sports physiotherapist for your child, you would want to consider several factors. After all, your child’s physiotherapist will not only treat his injuries but provide recommendations for his physical training. Here are some things to think through when choosing a physiotherapist:

  • Opt for a paediatric physiotherapist if your child is still young. While other sports physiotherapy providers can assess your child just fine, it pays to have a professional with knowledge of paediatric treatments. This will make things more comfortable for your child.
  • Choose a sports physiotherapy clinic near your house or where your child’s practice is being held. This way, when an emergency happens, you can rush your child to the clinic for immediate care.
  • Look for a reachable and accommodating physiotherapist. This will prove to be important when your child is crying over a painful injury.

It is normal to want to ensure your child’s safety even while supporting him in his interests. A good physiotherapist can give you peace of mind despite the possibility of injury when your child is trying a new sport. Visit a reliable Orchard osteopathy clinic today!