Ulthera Is The Most Effective Technique For Minimising Facial Issues

What Is Ulthera?

 Ulthera is a kind of skin-lifting technology that helps to make the skin firmer and wrinkle-free and turn it into a younger-looking one. This process is done through sound waves, which create a vibration that goes under the skin layers and heals it completely. This treatment helps in solving problems like sagging skin or faces full of wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

The process of doing an Ulthera is called therapy; in this therapy, a tool is being used to help make the skin firm. The entire process is completed without surgery, and there is an instant healing process. Ultherapy can be performed at different points of the face by performing shots, depending on the skin type. If the patient is willing to do the therapy on the cheeks and both sides of the face, a maximum of 400 shots are required, whereas if anyone is willing to do it on the cheeks, under the eyes, and temples, then the process can be done in 200 shots.

Why Are Different Shots Required?

Ultherapy shoots have different benefits depending on the skin problems. Each one of us has problems with our skin, so applying the therapy all over your face will not help, as the shots need to be given to the affected areas. So, until the problem is resolved, the physician will apply as many shots to the affected areas as possible to minimise it completely.

How Long Does Ulthera Last (Ulthera อยู่ ได้ นาน แค่ ไหน, Which Is The Term In Thai)?

Ulthera lasts for approximately one year. The patients can see the visible results when 30% of the treatment is over. The therapy doesn’t get completed in a day; it takes a few weeks to complete it. It’s not that unlimited shots are required, but for the whole face, 400 shots are enough, depending on the damage to the skin. After the therapy, it depends upon the patient as to how he is taking care of the skin. To have a more lasting effect, proper skincare routines are necessary.


Ulthera provides a lasting glowing effect on the skin, but a few measures must be taken to maintain that. After treating your skin, it’s necessary to take medications correctly as prescribed by the doctors. Redness can remain for a few days so that painkillers can be swallowed. It’s unnecessary to do rubbing and scrubbing on those affected areas; it’s fruitful to consult a physician before applying any skincare products. So, it’s best to consult an experienced dermatologist who will help guide the patients correctly by referring them to the best clinics to proceed with the process.