The Pros and Cons Of Botox In Singapore

Botox is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the world, along with nose and undereye fillers procedures. Good thing botox is widely available in Singapore. Botox is a drug doctors use to weaken or paralyse muscle. In small amounts, botox is effective in relaxing the wrinkle muscles, thus reducing the wrinkles and creases on the face.

Like any other treatment, botox in Singapore has its pros and cons. Here are the advantage and disadvantages of botox treatment:

PRO: Proven Effective

Botox has been used by many people throughout the years. Many Hollywood celebrities have admitted to having undergone the procedure. Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and Enrique Iglesias have tried this treatment.

One reason why it is so popular among celebrities is because of its proven effectiveness. You will notice the difference on your face three to four months after your botox procedure.

CON: Temporary

Similar to fillers in Singapore, botox is not permanent. Typically, the results of the botox procedure last six months. It means that if you want to maintain your look, you should get injected at least twice a year.

But you can spin this disadvantage into an advantage. People who want their natural look back can simply wait for the effect of botox to wear off.

PRO: Painless

Unlike surgical facelifts and nose fillers in Singapore, which are minimally invasive to an invasive procedure, botox is painless. Although doctors use injections for the treatment, the needles are super fine, you barely feel them on your skin. It does not even require anaesthesia.

CON: Paralysed muscles

As mentioned, botox drugs paralyse the muscles. It does prevent the muscle from creasing, but it also inhibits its tiny movements essential in creating facial expressions, such as smiling and frowning. Some people may perceive it as unnatural facial movements.

PRO: Quick and no downtime

Generally, the botox procedure lasts not more than 20 minutes. It is quicker than undergoing undereye dermal fillers. However, you should also consider the consultation period, which is typically just a few days. After the treatment, the person can return to their daily routine immediately, as botox requires no downtime. This treatment is for people who are always on the go.

These are the pros and cons of undergoing botox. You must consider these factors before getting under the needle.

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