The New and Promising Cannabinoid- CBG or Cannabigerol

Are you a natural and organic-based products fanatic too. The decision to choose CBD vs CBG is becoming quite the dilemma of today. Cannabinoids are chemical, organic, psychoactive compounds or elements found in hemp extracts of the cannabis plant variant. Cannabidiol or CBD is the most popularly known form of cannabinoid. It offers many health benefits like reducing anxiety, relieving pain, improving sleep, etc. As the demand of people is becoming more for organic and natural ingredient-based products, scientists and researchers are becoming more and more inclined to study the cannabis plant. This has led to the discovery of chemical compounds like cannabigerol or CBG. It is present in younger cannabis plants then this CBG breaks down into other cannabinoids. In a mature hemp plant, it is present in quantity less than 1 percent.

Comparison and contrast of the advantages offered by CBG and CBD

  • Both the hemp-based compounds are non-psychoactive. That means they won’t get you high they have almost negligible side-effects compared to the abundant benefits they offer.
  • Both bind largely with the endocannabinoid system. These are receptors present in our body almost everywhere. So binding with these extends the benefits offer by these two compounds to more parts of the body.
  • They both offer pain-relieving, stress-reducing, curing anxiety, improving sleep, and many more similar benefits.
  • Just like CBD, CBG is also an appetite suppressant. It has anti-bacterial properties as well.
  • CBD and CBG also have anti-inflammatory properties, and both are used to treat irritable bowel diseases and treat acne.
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil with both cannabinoids, CBD and CBG, is the most effective and efficient CBD oil.
  • CBD shows additional benefits like aiding in treating glaucoma and help in treating diseases like Parkinson’s by reducing tremors because of its suppressant nature.

Both have many overlapping advantages, but CBD has additional health benefits also. It is present in large quantities naturally and can be extracted in abundance. It is more well researched. Therefore when it comes to CBD vs CBG, CBD is the winner. But CBG has potential with the research and study being conducted on it, and It’ll have a future in the medical industry in years to come. THC and CBD are showing effective results when used or consumed as a mixture. It is expected that CBG and CBD may prove to be very effective together as well.