Preventing further tooth loss with dental implants South Yarra

It is important that you visit your dentist South Yarra at least once every six months from childhood for the rest of your life to prevent dental health complications from developing and causing irreversible damage to your teeth. You need to maintain excellent dental hygiene at home, enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle, and visit the dentist and hygienist so that your teeth can last for the whole of your life.

Tooth loss is not a natural part of the ageing process; rather it occurs because people do not look after their teeth properly or because they avoided the dentist. This allows plaque and tartar to build up on the teeth. Plaque and tartar consist of millions of bacteria including good bacteria but also including plenty of harmful bacteria which release acids and toxins that damage your teeth and gums. Streptococcus mutans on your teeth are responsible for cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Cavities are often invisible to the naked eye when they first develop and are only noticeable when the holes have become quite deep. You may not realise that you have tooth decay until you have unpleasant symptoms such as sensitivity, pain, and bad breath and in the same way gum disease can also be asymptomatic to begin with until you start suffering from bleeding gums, swelling, discomfort, and bad breath.

If you visit your dentist on a regular basis then they can detect cavities, tooth decay and gum disease early on and treat these issues quickly and effectively so that they do not cause further complications. Unfortunately here in Australia, tooth decay and gum disease are still a significant issue and if left untreated they can result in tooth loss.

Missing teeth

A significant percentage of the adult population in Australia have missing teeth. More so than other similar countries. If you have lost a tooth either as a result of tooth decay or gum disease or avoiding the dentist then you need to visit the dentist urgently to prevent even worse complications. This is because one missing tooth can result in multiple missing teeth in a very short amount of time, especially if you are suffering from gum disease. Before you lose more of your teeth you need to make sure that you have the missing tooth replaced so that it cannot damage your remaining teeth. At the same time your underlying complications whether it is tooth decay or gum disease will also be addressed. This will help promote better dental health for the future as well as restore the appearance of your smile and the function of your mouth after losing a tooth.

Dental implants South Yarra

You need to speak to your dentist and find out about dental implants South Yarra. Dental implants South Yarra are small medical grade titanium screws which are very strong and durable and they are non corrosive as well as biocompatible. This means that they are excellent for tooth replacement. Dental implants South Yarra can replace your missing teeth permanently. They can last for the whole of your life if you look after your teeth properly and visit the dentist regularly. Your dentist will make sure that the dental implants are suitable for you to begin with. This is because dental implants fit into your mouth by a natural healing process. If your body’s ability to heal is affected either as a result of other medical conditions or because of poor dental health then dental implants may not be suitable for you immediately. Any dental health conditions will have to be corrected. You may need gum surgery or you may need a bone graft to hold the implant in place and then you are ready for the surgery. If you have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or an autoimmune disorder then dental implants may not be suitable for you. This is because your body may not accept the implant therefore your dentist will speak to you about other types of tooth replacement for example removable prosthetics such as dentures.

If dental implants are suitable for you then you will be booked in for the surgery  when the area has healed. This is if you have lost the tooth recently or if you have undergone gum surgery or bone grafting. Implants are surgically placed into your jaw. This is an invasive procedure which is carried out under local anaesthetic and further sedatives if necessary. The process itself can take two to three hours however the results can last for a lifetime.  Speak to your dentist today to find out more.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.