Preparing for a gastric banding surgery

Gastric banding is a bariatric procedure that utilizes the lap-band system for decreasing the capacity of the stomach. It is not very simple to reduce weight, so lots of patients are candidates for weight loss surgery.

Lap band surgery is, at present, the second most common bariatric surgery in the US. However, to qualify for this procedure, the patients have to meet a number of eligibility requirements. Also, they will need to think about many factors before choosing to undertake the procedure. Read further to know the requirement for lap band surgery.

What do you need to think about before choosing a gastric banding surgery?

As doctors assess the patients’ general health, needed for weight loss surgery, and eligibility criteria, patients also have to consider whether undertaking the procedure is what they need.

There are also many non-surgical options that the patients can opt for. What’s more, the patients have to realize the risks and complications associated with the procedure.

Patients will need to commit to a number of medical appointments and be willing to make lifestyle changes that begin even before the procedure. Prep for lap band surgery assists in improving the outcomes later.

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Lifestyle changes

One surgeon before the lap-band surgery Lubbockmight need a 10 percent weight reduction or greater from their patients, and the other surgeon might need their patients not to gain weight throughout the pre-op screening process.

The diet plan that the patients need might range from a complete fluid diet, low-calorie diet, or a controlled carb diet for a decided period.

All the requisites mentioned above rely on the progress of the medical staff and aim to ensure the nutritional status and safety of the patient. Another worry is the liver condition of the patient, while a fatty liver is common in patients suffering from severe obesity and can lead to problems throughout the surgery by hindering the view of the surgeon or augmenting the risks. Hence, it is typical for the surgeons to see declines in the liver size before the lap-band surgery Lubbock.

Lifestyle changes might include taking out crackers, rice, potatoes, bread, cookies, pies, cakes, sugary drinks, etc., from the diet. Moreover, the patients might require more proteins. Seafood, soy foods, lamb, poultry, fruits, and vegetables are some examples of foods high in protein.