Natural Remedies For Toothache and When to See a Dentist 

If you have ever had a toothache, you are just concerned about receiving relief. A toothache, whether severe and sporadic or dull and continuous, can be more than just an irritation; it can spoil your day or prevent you from resting at night. 

Because you want the pain to be gone as soon as possible, you may be wondering whether there are any home remedies you can try. Of course, you want to maintain your oral health, so go to the dentist if you have a problem with your teeth or gums! However, until you can get dental care in Murray Hill, consider some of these at-home toothache treatment options. 

Home remedies for toothaches 

While home remedies for tooth pain should never be used in place of professional care, they can give moderate, temporary relief when necessary. When applied carefully and appropriately, the following therapies may temporarily relieve toothache pain until you can see a dentist.

  • Saltwater rinse 

One of the most basic home cures is a saltwater rinse. It is simple to make: combine half a teaspoon of salt with one cup of warm water. Swish this solution about your hurt region for 30 seconds before spitting it out. The salt decreases inflammation and destroys germs, which relieves pain and prevents infection spread. You may prepare a new batch and rinse it several times every day. 

  • Ice or cold compress 

Applying ice to the hurt tooth might assist in relieving the discomfort. You can experiment with different variants of this approach. Wrap some ice in a towel and place it on the afflicted region. Hold the compress in place for 15 minutes at a time. You might also try holding cold water in your mouth for a few seconds. However, do not bite the ice since it may cause your teeth to crack.

  • Clove oil 

Clove oil’s natural pain-relieving qualities might provide temporary relief for toothaches. Using a mortar and pestle, grind entire cloves into a fine powder. Mix the powder with a tiny quantity of water to make a paste, then apply it directly to the troublesome tooth. Leave the paste on for a few hours until the discomfort is relieved. 

  • OTC pain medications 

Aspirin and ibuprofen are anti-inflammatory medications that can provide pain relief. Alternating acetaminophen (Tylenol) with ibuprofen (Advil) can provide greater pain relief. Certain gels can be placed directly on your teeth and gums to relieve discomfort. 

A toothache can cause substantial pain. While it is crucial to consult a dentist to determine the source of your discomfort, certain home treatments, such as cold compresses and saltwater rinses, may assist in the interim. If the discomfort does not go away, consult a dentist in Murray Hill as soon as possible.