Ketamine Treatment For Anxiety: Benefits and Risks

If you are battling with anxiety in your daily lives, you are probably aware that finding effective treatment options oradell for anxiety can be taxing and inconvenient. An unconventional yet promising solution for patients who suffer from anxiety is ketamine therapy. However, ketamine therapy also comes with some risks and benefits. In this blog, we will learn about the benefits and risks of ketamine therapy.

Benefits of ketamine therapy

  • Works very quickly

One of the major effects of ketamine therapy is that, after its infusion, it works very quickly, within a few hours, to relieve stress and anxiety. What it actually does is activate the glutamate chemical in our brain, which works as an anti-anxiety agent. Usually, antidepressants need weeks to start working. Whereas ketamine can work in a matter of hours.

  • Decrease the need for narcotic painkillers

Ketamine therapy works for the short term, but its effect stays longer than any other anti-depressant, so you must go through it again. But it is much better than taking lots of other antidepressants throughout your life.

  • High success rate

A large number of people who are suffering from anxiety and depression report that they have been relieved by ketamine therapy. It also encourages people to seek help from others when needed.

  • Prioritize your safety

When ketamine is infused, it is done under the supervision of the best healthcare providers. They examine your internal body system so that ketamine will not mix with or interact with other anxiety medications.

Risk of ketamine therapy

  • Short-term relief

As it said, ketamine therapy might be long-lasting, but its effects are short-term. You cannot be cured with a one-time dose. You may need to take it several times for several weeks. But you have to take it under the care of your healthcare provider.

  • Dependence

Some people might think that if they do not take ketamine, their anxiety and depression might relapse. And this has led people to steal its infusion in large amounts, making them addicted to it.

  • Side -effects

After the infusion of ketamine, you will feel some aftereffects, such as dissociation (a feeling detected during the process where one feels disconnected from his body, feelings, and surroundings), dizziness, hallucinations, a change in blood pressure and heart rate, and nausea.

Consult with your healthcare provider today!

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