Indoor Marijuana Plants: How To Achieve The Best Temperature?

Cannabis plants will grow strong when they receive the correct temperature within the grow room.

Not providing the right set of temperatures can give birth to some serious and unwanted problems with nutrient absorption, which affects the plant’s overall health.

I have faced such a situation before, and it was because I had no clue what type of temperature was required. Yeah, I started from scratch as well!

To ensure that you don’t choose the wrong temperature, you must have a good understanding and knowledge of the temperature requirements of the cannabis plant.

So, to make this a lot easier for you, I will provide you with some valuable information on how you can quickly obtain the correct temperature for your marijuana plants. 

Following the correct temperature will allow you to prevent slower evaporation that results in less suction force. You will also stop small roots from developing thus enabling the plants to receive all the minerals it deserves to flourish.

Okay, enough talking, let’s get down to business!

Obtaining The Right Temperature For Indoor Cannabis Plants

Marijuana plants respond differently to the changes in temperature during their entire growing stage.

As a grower, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your cannabis plants receive the best temperature throughout the entire growing process.

I have listed some of the ways within this section that help you obtain the right temperature for your weed.

Check it out!!

  1. Learn From The Basics


Learning the basics are highly essential! Yeah, you heard it right!! 

You cannot move forward to the advanced stages if you have no idea what the basics are.


You will learn precisely why you need to provide the right temperature for your cannabis plant within the grow-room. These include understanding all the effects on the plants and how you can prevent the negative impacts along with an idea of how to maintain their relationship with humidity.

The temperature helps regulate several functions within the plant, which are crucial for development and growth. But if the temperature becomes way too cold or hot, it can give birth to devastating results.

Let’s look at some of the examples. 

  • High temperature: Cannabis plants will not die from high heat but will surely stunt the plants growth. You have to make sure that the temperature shouldn’t rise over 80 Degrees because it will not just slow down the flowering process but also negatively affect the potency and smell. Too much humidity can also cause nutrient burn, bud rot, and powdery mildew. So, when the grow room is too hot, use a fan to eliminate the excess heat and keep the grow lights away from the plants.

  • Low temperature: Regardless of the temperature, photosynthesis will surely occur. It will produce a lot of sugar between 60F [15c] or 85F [30C], and the problem starts to show when the temperature goes lower than 65F [20C]. This is because sugar move a lot slower than you think within this particular temperature. It might get stuck in one place, and the cannabis plants will not receive the nourishment it deserves. During the dark period, keep the temperature above 60F [15C] and ensure it doesn’t drop below that.

  • Relationship with humidity: Humidity is viewed as the amount of water vapor within the air that varies greatly depending on the temperature. The grow room will have high humidity, and it’s because of the leaves of the plants that evaporate 90% of the water they take in.

Give Optimal Temperature To The Various Stages Of The Plant

The experts from the Homegrown Cannabis Co says that when the cannabis plants begin to develop, each of their life stages will require a different temperature.

You will learn about the type of temperature required for the various stages of the cannabis plant development through this particular section. Let’s begin!

  • Clones and seedlings

Clones do not carry a root system. Well, not yet. Due to such reasons, they depend heavily on the transpiration of water. But they do need high humidity until they have formed roots.

I have seen many growers create a humidity dome to provide proper humidity to the clones.

You need to set the temperature to 68F to 77F or 20C to 25C along with high humidity. When the clones receive this particular temperature, they will start forming roots and become more self-sufficient.

On the other hand, the temperature for the seedlings is also the same, just like the clones, so there is nothing to change.

  • The vegetative stage

When all the young cannabis plants begin to grow leaves, they will require a high humidity of 70%, and the temperatures should range from 68F to 77F [20C to 25C]. But when the plants begin to get older, they will require low humidity. This might be a little challenging for indoor plants because the outdoor ones can withstand the fluctuations in humidity.

So, during the vegetative stage, make sure the temperature is between 68F to 77F [20C to 25C] and moderate humidity while offering a cooler temperature during dark periods.

The nighttime stands out as a perfect time for encouraging the growth of cannabis plants. Make sure that the temperatures do not go below 59F or 15C. When the plants mature, they should have the power to withstand cooler temperatures and dry air during the day.

  • The flowering step

When your weed enters the flowering stage, it will thrive comfortably under room temperature paired with low humidity. If you add extra CO2 to the grow room, keep the temperature under 82F or 28C because it’s ideal.

But hey, make sure that you don’t go beyond 82F, okay? Now, you are thinking, why?

Well, my friend, if you do so, the terpene will evaporate way too quickly and will slow down the bud growth! So, don’t do that, okay?

When the buds are way too hot during this particular time, it will surely burn away all the good stuff the cannabis has in-store. It will only leave out a bit of smell and taste when the harvest time arrives.

You need to keep the plants comfortable for 6 weeks to 7 weeks and be careful when the temperature is during this particular time. It’s because, during this time, the terpene production begins at full speed, and you have to make sure that you don’t evaporate them with high heat.

In trichome production, you need to make sure that the dark periods are a bit cooler. Hear me out, don’t make way too cold like NORTH POLE! A temperature change will surely increase the terpene content.

  • Curing and drying

Harvesting is not the last step towards top-quality bud! I am telling the truth here!!

Even if your plants carry the best genetics, you still have to dry and cure the buds properly. Half of the things that help in determining cannabis is how exactly it got dried and cured out.

The professional dried and cured cannabis or weed is much more potent, produces an excellent smooth, and looks better.

Trust me; it will surely have that STICKY-ICKY feeling, which all cannabis lovers desire the most, including me.

So, if you are looking ahead to achieve the best outcomes, you have to keep your concentration on maintaining the right temperature during the whole growing process. Doing so will prevent the plants from over-drying and getting molds.

Wrapping Up

Growing marijuana within the interiors of your home comes with many responsibilities. One of the primary responsibilities is to take care of the temperature. Proper temperature will allow you to receive extensive and sturdy cannabis plants.


So, to make sure you are providing the right temperature, go through the information in this article. 


Heat up the competitive space with such knowledge assets. We help you yield blockbuster harvests that will help you survive and thrive in this space.