Improve Health & Relieve Stress: The Massage Chair Guide To De-Stress Yourself

We often hear in mental health that prolonged and constant stress harms health.

However, what is stress, and how does our body react to it?

The stress in mental health is the emotional tension that occurs when we are faced with problems or challenges.

Stress itself is not bad since it starts our psychological decision-making to land upon a solution via instincts. However, prolonged stress is detrimental to your mental health.

Nonetheless, prolonged stress triggers headaches, causes heartburn, increased high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and weakens the immune system. The following adverse effects are only a fraction of the risk to your health, and under this global pandemic, it is harder to relax and unwind.

Luckily, nowadays, you won’t have to worry about a trip to the spa now that the spa can be right inside the comfort of your home. The Osaki massage chairs are top-rated Japanese massage chairs designed to maximize comfort and relaxation and play an essential role in your health.

The Osaki line of massage chairs is equipped with several features to reduce stress and maximize relaxation.

Full-body Massage to Relax Muscles

Constant stress causes tension in the muscles. And when there is constant stress, the muscles will always be in a state of continual tightness. Muscle tightness reduces our range of motion and consequently deteriorating our stamina.

However, these massage chairs are installed with several different massage programs to target several parts of your body. A wide variety of massage widens the range of benefits as it stimulates several muscle groups.

Additionally, the Osaki OS 4d Pro Maestro massage chair is built with SL-track technology. This means that the range of the massage reaches the neck, shoulder, back, and thighs, comfortably following the spine’s natural curve. The combination of massage programs and massage reach enhances comfort to relieve stress and improve health.

Heat Therapy Improves Circulation & Reduces Pain

The Osaki OS 4d Pro Maestro massage chair has special heated rollers that come with your massage program of choice.

Heat Therapy is the process in which you use heat to penetrate tissues for muscles to relax, dilate veins. It reduces pain, as analgesic hormones are released from the nerves when there is an increase in temperature.

Stress increases blood pressure; heat therapy widens the veins for improved blood flow and circulation, effectively reducing blood pressure.

Some massage chairs like the Osaki OS 4D Escape massage chair are designed to have heated pads in the lumbar region and the calves to reduce lower body pain.

Improves Sleeping Habits

Stress causes a lot of hormone imbalances. One of the striking effects is that stress makes it harder to sleep. If left unchecked for a long time, it may develop into insomnia, a sleep disorder where it is hard to fall asleep.

Lack of sleep hinders cell regeneration reducing healing and the production of energy. The lack of energy and nutrients carried by the cell deteriorates our body and may lead to several mental and physical health complications.

However, the Osaki line of massage chairs takes massages to another level with its built-in air compression massage. Several airbags deflate and inflate rhythmically and are placed around the massage chair to broaden the massages that target large muscle groups. The extended massage treatment widens circulation coverage to promote oxygenation and cellular nutrition to improve sleep as nutrients are transported faster in the body.


Stress is essential for us to stay alert and structure our day-to-day decision-making. However, prolonged stress can cause recurring headaches, heartburn, high blood pressure and may lead to other complications. That is why it is essential to pay attention to your mental health as well.

These top selling massage chairs have been designed to go beyond comfort and relaxation, as it accommodates health. Equipped with several features, esteemed professionals and engineers in the medical are continuously pursuing more innovation to solidify sustainable health.