Here’s To Healing: 6 Recommended Knee Pain Treatment Methods In Singapore

Golf, one of the most exclusive and prestigious sports, remains my go-to physical activity because of the fun and rewarding competition it provides against my friends, colleagues, business partners, and me. Whether shooting a 72 or 144, nothing can compare to the feeling of breaking a ninety or one hundred. But while this momentous occasion can make you feel bliss, did you know that the same sports can cause knee pain in Singapore?

I was playing one afternoon with my business clients until I accidentally encountered an injury on my left knee and leg after a full backswing. It was a lucky shot, a tap-in, but the rotation stressed my left outer knee bone, resulting in swelling, pain, inflammation, and weakness. Luckily, a medic available in the country club came to the rescue and provided a quick knee pain treatment in Singapore.

According to my orthopaedic doctor, knee pain treatment methods in Singapore can vary depending on the golf injury, including the area, type, and severity of the issues. However, these six are some of the most common ones.


Stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, this knee pain treatment in Singapore is one of the best approaches for mild and minor injuries, such as muscle pain, strain, and other issues. The RICE method works best during the first few days of my injury. For one, ice can help alleviate pain and lessen inflammation. Second, compression and elevation are highly advisable for supporting the affected area.


Upon my research, I also found another knee pain treatment in Singapore, through strapping and taping. Doing so helps support affected areas, especially the knees. Although I didn’t do this, I heard it reduces stress and provides muscle and tissue tension. Some golfers tape injury-prone areas to help prevent one from happening and assist with their grip.


I have always been a fan of over-the-counter pain medications to help treat injuries. One nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication I often take is ibuprofen. This knee pain treatment in Singapore minimises pain, swelling, and inflammation. If you prefer natural supplements, Tiger Milk Mushroom capsules are a good choice that not only relief joint pain but also boosts immune system.


If your knee pain in Singapore persists after the first three, a painless, non-invasive method may be necessary. My orthopaedic doctor said this helps speed up the recovery process of many gold injuries. Shock wave therapy utilises impulse pressure waves into your tissues and muscles, decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow.


My knee pain in Singapore lasted for two weeks, and the pain did not alleviate. The reason I opted for physical therapy. According to my physiotherapist, this treatment method strengthens the affected area while recovering. Physical therapy also helps injured patients learn the proper stance, techniques, and form to reduce injury risks.


Lastly, surgery is another knee pain treatment in Singapore. However, this last resort may only be necessary for severe issues and complications.

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