Five Things to Consider Before Chopping Your Cannabis Plant

You must have spent hours researching whether buying bulk gorilla glue #4 feminized seeds is right or not. Then you must have spent hours researching how to sow and grow it properly. Now that you have finally reached the harvesting window, you must be both proud of your work and anxious about how to chop the cannabis plant down easily.

But, before you proceed with chopping the plant, it is important to consider some factors for quality harvest. Let’s check what those are:

1- Appearance

Checking how the plants look on hitting the suggested flowering time is one way of judging, but you shouldn’t consider yield and production as the deciding factor.

Similarly, inspecting based on brown to white pistil ratio isn’t a reliable method either.

Instead, check trichome maturity and how swollen calyx are.

2- Flowering time

The flowering time stated by seeds banks varies based on growing conditions, nutrients used, lights, phenotype, plant size, and even environment.

It is best to keep a precise diary. You can even surpass the state flowering date if the calyx development, trichome maturity, and flowerings stage doesn’t look ripe and ready to be harvested.

3- Calyx swelling

Most times, impatient growers end up harvesting their plants sooner, without allowing the calyx to swell properly and stack up.

Stop assuming that your plants are over-fertilized if the buds show signs of fox tailing characteristics. It is possible to notice different bud structures. So, it is best to give the flowers enough time to truly swell to achieve the dream of bigger yields.

4- Trichome development 

Trichome is the part that contains terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils. Use a magnifying glass to look deeper into the resin gland. If the trichome head is darker in color, you stay assured of harvesting more potent and effective buds.

5- The flush period

If you prefer bottled nutrients, then you must be feeding your plant with high salt-based nutrients that become undissolved over time.

Take at least two weeks to clean the growing medium along with the root zone with plain water. This way, you can push the plants to use their internal reserves, therefore breaking down any undissolved salts. This, in return, will enhance the final flavor before you chop.

Final thoughts

Don’t let your weeks of effort go down the drain with just one chopping mistake. Instead, consider these five factors to be on the safer side. Visit United Strains of America.