Choosing the right CBD oil strength for your dog


The first step in choosing CBD oil strength is calculating the correct dosage for your dog based on their weight. Heavier dogs a higher than lighter dog’s general CBD dosage is 1-5mg per 10 pounds of body weight. For example, if your dog weighs 50lbs, the recommended CBD dose would be 5-25mg. For a 25lb dog, the dose would be 2.5-12.5mg. For a 75lb dog, the dose would be 7.5-37.5mg.   Always start on the low end of the dosage range when first administering CBD to your dog. You gradually increase over time based on response. Exceeding the recommended dosage for an extended period leads to side effects.

Consider the reason you’re using CBD

The reason you’re using cbd oil for dogs for your dog is the strength you choose. Certain conditions or more severe symptoms may call for a higher dose. Milder issues respond better to lower strengths. For example, if you’re using CBD to treat your dog’s seizures or cancer-related symptoms, a high strength like 600mg or 1200mg is more effective. For general anxiety or joint mobility, a lower 300mg bottle may get the job done. If your dog is taking CBD for multiple different symptoms or conditions, a moderate strength of around 600-900mg would cover all the bases. Get input from your veterinarian on dosing guidance based on your dog’s health profile.

Assess tolerance and adjust accordingly

When first starting CBD oil, the lowest effective dose is based on the above factors for at least one week. It gives your dog’s body time to adjust and for you to assess their reaction.  Watch for any side effects like diarrhea, drowsiness, vomiting, or allergic reactions. These are signs the dosage is too high. If you notice no improvements in your dog’s condition after a week, you try slowly increasing the dosage. It may take some trial and error adjusting the dosage over some time to find the “sweet spot” that properly relieves your dog’s symptoms. Patience is key as you work out the ideal strength and dosage. Keep notes on how your dog responds to help inform adjustments.

Choose organic, high-quality products

With the rising popularity of CBD for pets, there are a plethora of CBD oils to choose from. Not all are created equal when it comes to purity and quality. It’s important to choose veterinarian-approved CBD oil made just for pets. Avoid low-cost CBD from questionable sources.  High-quality CBD oils are extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp grown in the USA. They’re independently tested by third-party labs to validate purity and potency. Only purchase CBD products made specifically for pets with clearly marked dosing guidelines.

Shop smart based on concentration levels

When comparing different CBD oil products, you’ll notice they come in different concentrations or strengths. The concentration refers to the total amount of CBD in the entire bottle. This is often expressed in milligrams (mg). For example, a 30ml bottle of CBD oil may contain 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, or 3000mg of CBD. The higher the number, the more potent the CBD per drop serving will be. 

Bottles with lower strengths like 300mg work for smaller dogs and milder symptoms. Medium strengths around 600mg provide flexibility for adjusting doses up or down. High strengths upwards of 3000mg are best suited for large dogs and more severe health conditions.