Can you still carry Covid after vaccine?

It has been more than a year since the Covid-19 virus was known to the world. This deadly virus is considered to be one of the dangerous viruses of all time. In fact, it is the biggest threat to humanity now since the Spanish flu a long time ago. In that one-year span, there were a lot of casualties done by this virus, not just to our country, but to almost all the countries in this world. Children lost the opportunity to get an education, the parents lost their job, many countries lost their income and there are a lot of other casualties involved. These past years have been very hard for most of us. However, life is not always dark and gloomy. Scientists had reported that there is a way to fight this infection, and that solution is through the production of Covid-19 vaccine. Yes, Covid-19 vaccination program is the only solution that can help to solve this pandemic and eradicate it for good.

 Since mid-2020, scientists had made a lot of research regarding this virus and its weakness. From that information, they use the collected data to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. Somewhere in late 2020, it was announced worldwide that the Covid-19 vaccine production will take some time to finish. They concluded that it might finish and can be distributed in early 2021. Fast forward to January 2021, it was then announced that some developers for Covid-19 had done their job. Some vaccines that can help to fight this deadly virus were formed. There are known as Pfozer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines. These are the three pioneers to the Covid-19 vaccines. It is also announced that some other vaccines are still under development and will be ready anytime soon.

Hearing this news, it is fair to say that we obviously feel very happy about it. It feels like hope is being restored. In early 2021, a lot of countries decided to buy these vaccines and distribute them among their people through the Covid-19 vaccination program. In these past months, there are some individuals who have finished their vaccination doses and there are some other individuals who are still waiting for their shots. While we wait for our dose, we must be thinking about the effectiveness of these vaccines? One of the commonest questions that usually pop out from our brain is can you still carry Covid-19 virus even after vaccination?

The answer is yes; you can still carry Covid-19 virus even after you finish your vaccination. Why is this happening? To answer this question, let’s take a look at how each of these vaccines performed. For a record, it is reported that the Pfizer vaccine gives 95% effectiveness in helping to fight Covid-19 virus. This is particularly impressive given that most usual vaccines give only 55-65% effectivity. Its rival, Moderna is also quite good with a reported 94.1% effectiveness. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine gives 80% effectivity against severe Covid-19 cases. Looking at these statistics, it is fair to say that these vaccines are quite effective in fighting and preventing Covid-19 infection.

To summarize, yes you still can carry Covid-19 even after you finish your vaccination doses, however the probability is very little. There is only around 5% chances that you might get infected by Covid-19 virus. Besides, it is better to get vaccinated when compared to other individuals that do not want to get vaccinated because that individual will have a 100% chance of getting Covid-19 infection. So, get vaccinated today, protect yourself and your loved ones.