HealthMark bought our troubled center from a hospital owner and they have helped us achieve what no other surgery center has been able to accomplish in our area; a successful, physician led surgery center complementing the successful practices of its physician members.” 

John DeBanto, M.D.
Rancho Mirage, CA

"Partnering with our physicians was a priority for our hospital and we determined that HealthMark brought the expertise and talent to get the job done for our community hospital.  From planning for a Certificate of Need to, designing, developing, to opening the doors and thereafter, HealthMark was up to the task and created our first true joint venture with physicians.  Together we have created a great addition to the Cookeville healthcare community."

Paul Korth, Administrator, Cookeville Regional Medical Center
Cookeville, TN

“We are currently developing a surgery center with HealthMark and area physicians. This is the first of any similar partnership in our area and that usually means it will be the hardest. I have watched HealthMark work through the issues, balance the needs of physician and hospital and we remain excited about this new venture with our physicians.”

Bruce James, Administrator, Sumner Regional Health System

“I was referred to HealthMark by another physician in another center that HealthMark had designed, developed, and manages.  I made the call. We experienced many bumps in the road, some which I could never have imagined. HealthMark helped level the bumps and delivered at all levels.”

John Thompson, M.D.

“I really thought about developing an ASC without a management company. HealthMark convinced me that I was better off with their guidance and ability to structure a center where competitors aligned for a better service to our community. They were right and if I ever do this again I will do it with HealthMark.”

Dale Pilkinton, M.D.

"HealthMark has shown me real management from a corporate partner. Their expertise is surprisingly deep. Whatever the need, HealthMark knows what needs to be done, seeks our input, and executes thoughtfully and aggressively."

Joel Suldan, Lifebridge Health, Inc.

HealthMark Partners: Making a Difference.