management services

HMP provides a comprehensive array of management services. HMP manages each of the facilities in which it has an ownership interest, thus aligning its incentives with those of the center's owners. HMP's experienced team establishes and oversees such services as:

  • Business Office Management
    • Billing and collections
    • Systems integration
    • Accounts receivable management
    • Patient relations and community awareness
    • Human resources and staffing
  • Third Party Payor Contracting
  • Supply, Equipment and Facility Management
  • Accounting
    •   Financial reporting
    •   Cost accounting/benchmarking
    •   Accounts Payable management
  • Policies and Procedures
    •   Clinical (according to accreditation standards)
    •   Business/Regulatory
  • Governance Structure and Communications

More about our solutions:

“I really thought about developing an ASC without a management company. HealthMark convinced me that I was better off with their guidance and ability to structure a center where competitors aligned for a better service to our community. They were right and if I ever do this again I will do it with HealthMark.”

Dale Pilkinton, M.D.